26.10.20 / Passenger experience

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Eclipse Global Connectivity and Display Interactive combine forces

We can offer a comprehensive IFEC solution to our customers.

Way back in March, Eclipse Global Connectivity and Display Interactive (DI) formalized their inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions partnership. With a focus on airlines and business aviation operators, the announcement came at a time when the airline industry was all but shut down over the global pandemic. In the months since the announcement, the two companies have continued to actively align their respective specialties, concentrating on bespoke IFEC solutions including hardware, software and services.

This agreement brings our relationship with DI to a new level,” said Eclipse Global Connectivity CEO, Marc Pinault. “We have a long-standing relationship and we are confident that our respective partners and customers will see an immediate benefit from this partnership. We are combining the quality and flexibility of DI’s proven wireless solution for airlines with the technical, design and security expertise of our own connectivity systems, plus our long-time engineering and certification know-how. As a result, we can offer a comprehensive IFEC solution to our customers.

Significantly, the collaboration’s objective is the creation of a one-stop shop for airlines and business jets. An important partnership activity is to streamline IFEC implementation, roll-out and service operation. Drawing on many strengths, the two companies aim to demonstrate immediate benefits with a new Shanghai, China-based entity. Focused on providing a customized, localized version of the complete Eclipse Global Connectivity and Display Interactive IFEC solution, this new entity’s goal is to be fully integrated into the Chinese aero and digital ecosystems.

Highlighting the value that the partnership will bring to airline operators, Display Interactive’s CEO, Tarek El Mitwalli says, “Over the past 18 months, Display Interactive has invested heavily in the transformation of its wireless entertainment solution into an engagement and ancillary platform—focused on revenue generation. Adding connectivity will multiply revenue opportunities and open new business models for airlines.

Airlines, including Qatar Airways, Corsair International, and the former Joon / Air France, rely on DI’s solutions. British Airways, Philippine Airlines, and Ethiopian airlines, among others, fly with Eclipse Technics, the aircraft modification arm of Eclipse Global Connectivity, solutions on board. Leveraging this expertise in technical design, kit manufacturing, STCs and engineering studies, both companies will offer an end-to-end IFEC solution under a single point of contact and a unique SLA (Service Level Agreement)—reducing costs and delays.

Display Interactive and Eclipse Global Connectivity are looking forward to providing cost-effective, innovative IFEC solutions that generate ancillary revenues, and being ready for when the aviation industry ramps-up service again over the coming months.

The overriding aim is to offer a complete off-the-shelf solution from nose-to-tail, that fits all kinds of aircraft and delivers a visionary passenger experience and benefits for operators. Thierry Carmes, COO at DI observes, “Our main goal is to serve Chinese airlines directly in-country. This means customising our solution to fully meet airline- and business-partner-specific requirements, as well as supporting their programs and operations locally on a day-to-day basis. We are keen to demonstrate that our IFEC model will work in China—with the same benefits and performance as elsewhere. This is an invigorating challenge, and a deep motivation for our local teams, particularly since many connectivity programs have not yet delivered expected results.

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